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KKPL, an exquisite unit of M.V.M. Hangers Pvt. Ltd., has been on the escalator of success since its inception in 1973.With many wise minds and expert hands behind it, KKPL is committed to manufacture finest hangers with highest quality standards to enrich lifestyles. With a belief of providing nothing but the best, our pool of talents persistently works on finding innovative ways to enhance the designs and concepts of our hangers with absolute perfection. Walking steadily towards excellence, we stand on the strong pillars of Integrity, Passion for Fineness and Adaptability.

Appreciating the trust of our customers, we aspire to further become one  of the strongest brands. We firmly believe that quality is everything to survive which meets the customer requirement and improve the degree of satisfaction.

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About Chairman


The chairman of our company Mr. Vijay Mangla, with his own innovative ideas and efforts professionally designed these Hangers with a vision of growing and a mission of innovating new quality products in an easy & practical way that to in a cost-effective manner. With this fundamental as basis & working persistently the company gained a growth path which had been a tremendous one, with lots of business growth. It has encouraged us to work hard with greater patience, perseverance, and enthusiasm to indulge ourselves in presenting the market with newer products and maintaining the quality standards All this has also given a very satisfactory & strong status to the business model.

Appreciating the trust of our customers, we aspire to further become one of the strongest brands in the hanger manufacturing industry while opening new horizons of innovation and concepts in it.